It looks like many, many people of the world have had enough.  Things are so volatile right now, seemingly mostly in the Mid-East, but even in the past five days, we’ve begun to see unrest in places like Madison, Wisconsin.

In the Arab world, from most media accounts, people are rising up in protest of the abuses their dictatorships have held them under for decades.  Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Libya, Bahrain and other countries each have had widely-reported clashes between citizens citing the need for change, and their rulers either ignoring them at first and leaving in the end, or sending troops into their masses and firing at will.

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In America, in Wisconsin first, those protests have come because governmental leadership has said we can’t afford to keep doing all the things that we’ve come to rely on government to provide.  The global fiscal crisis, run-away logic of insuring pension plans that have had the bottom knocked out of them by this economy, have taken their toll.  The days of runaway government spending are over, or, they should be.  Far too many of our city, county, state and federal governments have been spending like there’s no tomorrow.  Sure, there are requirements in most US governments to have a balanced budget–excluding the federal government–but trying to put the brakes on is becoming hugely unpopular.

The Republicans are in a big pickle.  They’re trying to reign in government spending, and yet they’re pissing off the people who have become so dependent on that very spending.  Unions.  Don’t get me started.  Tenure for teachers.  Don’t get me started.  We’ve put in place so many protections that those who are the ones in many levels of government who need to go the most, can’t be let go without costly and time-consuming documentation and hearings and re-hearings.

So, on one hand, the US GOP is trying to reign in the spending and they’re going to take a big hit for this.  At the same time, Mr. Obama is trying to increase spending and play funny with the numbers.  What he’s strategically trying to do is make the US citizenry so mad at the Republicans for 2010, that they throw them all out, re-elect him and send a fresh new slate of Democrats to give him four more years of unparalleled runaway government spending.  Do you see the problem with that?  We can’t even afford what we’re doing now….

In other countries of the world, people are just yearning to be free.  Or free-er.  We’re arguing about spending more freely or tightening the belt to live within our means.

Makes you wonder where the next protests will be.  What happens when Hispanics from Mexico and South America have reached an even higher population level in the US than they have already?

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