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December 2011

Well, December 2011 is flying by.  Sort of.

Lots of work is going on on a couple of new and incredible projects.

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Last night my girls and I stopped at the house of former next door neighbors of ours and decided to knock on the door and say hi.  We haven’t visited with the couple since we moved out of the house and into the one with our last domestic disaster.

At first, the man, Doug, didn’t recognized me.   As we shook hands, he just stared at me, knowing me, but it was taking a while to place me.

Then he looked at the girls. They used to wander over to his house every couple of days for a visit.

We found out his wife has been enduring stage IV cancer this year.  From the sound of it, she’s living a miracle.

She said her fellow workmates this year donated 17 weeks of leave to her while she was out, hospitalized, and undergoing chemo.

Hair gone and wrapped last night, it was still so good to see her.  And the girls really enjoyed stepping back in time.

“As soon as I walked in and smelled the house, I knew where I was,” one of them said as we drove back here to the apartment.

I heard this morning that our house should be moved out of by Dec. 17.  We’re waiting.

No Christmas ornaments, tree or anything else is visible inside our house.  That’s unheard of for me.  And as of 12/9 and maybe moving on 12/18 or so, I’m beginning to wonder if I’ll even put something out.  I don’t know.  I’m just not feeling it right now.  I’ve seen so much pain and loss this year.  So much suffering, and have spent so many days in the hospital this year myself.

But like our former neighbor, I’m still here.  Alive.  It’s so good to still be alive.


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