I joined in to see Brian Williams on NBC Nightly News at 5:37 pm and caught the end of the issues in Libya.

Then they did a story on the earthquake situation in Christchurch.

Then a story on the Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker prank call(Apparently Megan in Mad Men isn’t the only person who will put a call from anyone through to her boss–at least she didn’t have Caller ID.  Who knows, maybe they don’t have it in Wisconsin either.)  By chance has the AG in New York or Wisconsin checked to see if any laws have been broken in either state over this, or maybe even federally?

Then a story on how our President Obama now thinks prohibiting gay marriage in America is unconstitutional and no longer will let government lawyers defend the position.

I then turned off the TV in disgust.

In summary, the world is going to Hell.  Our president is leading the parade. The Wisconsin Governor‘s Chief Of Staff should be fired.  Citizens of Christchurch just need money.  And Libya’s dictator is still wearing dresses.  Thanks for watching.

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