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9/11 Remembered

Please stop and say a prayer this morning for those who lost their lives on 9/11 and those who also have lost their lives fighting, searching and protecting us from those who did this.  It gives me chills to remember turning on my bank of TVs in the Dallas ISD communications office after having returned from Indiana the day before to bury my paternal grandfather.  Just as I was turning them on, that second plane flew into the second tower on live TV.   

Where were you when all that happened?  How do you talk about this tragedy with your kids?  Do they understand it?


  1. journey2learn

    We do morning devotions. We read some memorials today. It is such a sad day. I remember I was stopping by a friends house to drop something off, and she said…”you have to come in and see the news” and life was forever changed.

  2. Kristin

    Thanks for bringing this to the forefront of my day. I didn’t realize it was the 11th already. I guess I kind of try to bypass this day because it is so sad and makes me feel so vulnerable in my own home.
    Anyhow – in regards to talking with your kids about the subject, I learned something in my educational classes. I don’t know how young they are, but start with something such as “Do you remember a certain day in your life? Why do you remember that day?” Let your kids tell you why they remember something and let them tell you why. Prompt them with “did it make you feel happy? Did it make you feel sad?” and then I would go into how our nation was impacted on this day. I wouldn’t be too specific, obviously, but I would just tell them in a very edited down version.
    may help with some wording:

  3. dogsmycopilot

    We don’t pray, but we talk a lot about the heroism of the people who went down trying to keep that plane from hitting. We talk about the heroism of how people reacted, how they went in for others. We also talk about how there will always be criminals who want to be violent and nihilistic, you cannot be fearful you must live your life to the fullest each day because there is no more. The rose you don’t stop to smell today will be out of season soon enough.

  4. mybayouvieux

    I too didn’t realize it was already sept 11th (still catching up from 10 day evac to Dallas last week!) and when I turned on the tv this morning for my daughter it was on the news (station last left on when tv was shut off) and of course they were showing the towers burning and a guy falling from the building. By the time I could get back to the remote to change it my daughter had seen it all and saw hurt people being dragged out of the building. She asked what happened. (She is 5.5 y)
    First thing I said was it happened a long time ago (no specifics since years mean nothing to her, not today. She seemed relieved by that. Then, I told her jets flew into the buildings. She asked why. I explained by terrorists who don’t like us because we are American. She asked why? I sorta by-passed that as it seemed no matter what I said I wasn’t sure she would understand. However, she knows what soldiers are and I simply explained that soldiers are fighting the terrorists to protect us. She seemed content with that explanation and didn’t ask anymore questions – especially after I turned on Magic School Bus and her interest was on her cereal and her cartoon.


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