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A Daddy Cowboy & The Naked Cowboy in NYC Times Square in 41 degrees

Well, what the heck.  I was getting back from a 1 p.m. meeting and my cabbie took me right past a guy standing in the middle of Times Square in his underwear.  Who was the guy?  None other than The Naked Cowboy, larger than life and braving the cold rain, 41 degree temps and standing in the middle of an island on one of the busiest streets in all of New York. 

I have the comfort in knowing that I could never stand there like this guy, nor would any of my 7 kids have the gumption to do this either, (thank goodness.)  And if you're agreeing with me that I need to lose a lot of weight, what better an inspiration but to look at this picture the next few months and see me thinning. 

Of course, that will require I get out of NYC tomorrow p.m. and stop eating NYC pizza. 

So for cheers, jeers, and laughs, (and I'm sure a lot of gawking at my physique and not his) here are my pictures of Daddy Claxton and The Naked Cowboy.

Who would have ever thought?  (Notice when he has his arm on my back I've got my hand on my wallet? Not sure if that was to protect my money or a more subconscious protection!)


and then the two of us facing forward: Naked_cowboy_dc

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  1. Kelly

    That is just wild! Crazy people in NYC!


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