Use this technique to find excellent keywords that have almost no competition.


The listing for ksdigou

The listing for ksdigou

(This story is related to ‘Shocking SEO How to… Results‘ on

Last month I hired an search engine optimization seller on to search the two keywords “how to…” and “best for.”

I paid $10 for each keyword term and received two Excel files with 5,400 results within minutes.

For the money, this was a wise expenditure as it has helped me find 10,800 keywords and long-tail keywords. The best part is these are keywords with almost no competition.

When a monthly subscription to runs from $99 to $999 depending on the level purchased, I saved bank. The great news is that the results I got in early May are different for you, a month later.

Why? Because SEO results change by the millisecond.

So, keep reading if you want to know how to get similar, more updated results.

SEO Software as a Service is ‘spensive

If you do not know, many affiliate marketers love to tell you to get a monthly subscription to One of the most convincing on how to do this is Adam Enfroy. But he runs right through having this like he is double-parked somewhere. Every time I watch him do this on his YouTube channel, I hear a record player needle scratching across vinyl. The anxiety of being in a car as it collides with another begins.

If you want to earn significant money doing affiliate marketing, dropping coin on is great. But for beginners, this is an enormous chunk of change.'s monthly subscription plans

Here are the four subscription rates offered by Log on to their site to see what benefits come from each tier.

My supposition is that Adam has an affiliate relationship with That’s what his videos are about.

This means that odds are good when you watch his videos or do his free master class, an affiliate relationship exists somewhere.

This also happens when you go to within a certain amount of time and pay to subscribe. He earns a commission from your monthly payment for as long as you subscribe.

This happens at no extra cost to you. By international law, all websites must alert you when there are affiliate links.

Vendors know that even after rewarding an affiliate, they will make money. Often, Software as a Service providers pay big time. Big time.

A solution for finding keywords when exceeds your budget.

This gives rise to entrepreneurs like ksdigou who use to help others find excellent keywords.

She pays the month’s make more than enough to cover the costs of a monthly subscription.

This is how, with limited funds, one can gather information without paying big money.

My keyword search parameters for ksdigou.

Before hiring ksdigou to do the work, I sent her a message via They insist that all transactions and communications take place on their platform. This reduces the risks for scams, and ensures you, as the consumer, can get a credit if things do not work out.

Another thing is that you can do these searches as often as you pay her for them. You need not do them every month if you have a constrained budget.

If you want to spend almost five times more, you can always pay for one month and run all the searches you want. A few days before the subscription renews, you cancel.

Here’s the communique I sent to this vendor:

She replied, and we negotiated the agreement for $10 per search. I paid the amount, and she did the searches.

The result, as mentioned before, was 5,400 potential keywords and stats for each query. Any way you look at it, this is a bargain!

My communique to KSDIGOU on

My communique to KSDIGOU on

I credit and thank YouTuber Buildapreneur for this keyword pro tip.

I did not come up with this technique on my own. Go to YouTube and check out the Buildapreneur Channel.

Watch this video (also below) about affiliate marketing. I used the process he outlines in the video.

If you want content ideas or you want to become an affiliate marketer, watch his videos.

I must also thank and recommend Adam Enfroy, mentioned above.

These two lads are tearing things up in affiliate marketing. They each have thorough methods for you and me to watch and then put into practice.

Check them out. If this interests you in making passive income, you can get going today.

And don’t forget to use my favorite vendor, ksdigou.

Someday you might thank me you did.

(I do not have affiliate relationships established with any of these three vendors.)

(This story is related to Shocking SEO ‘How to…’ Results on

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