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Apple Sued Over iPhone Memory

Apple Sued Over iPhone Memory

Here’s the stupid story of the day courtesy of CNN.iPhone Memory Lawsuit is stupid

A few users are upset that iOS 8 is taking up space on their 16 GB phone and they therefore don’t have 16 GBs of space on their unit. I guess it’s supposed to run on ether. This is one of the dumbest arguments I’ve ever heard of and I hope Apple can sue the idiot lawyers and plaintiffs for wasting theirs and the court’s time.

Point is, DO NOT BUY AN IPHONE or IPAD WITH LESS THAN 32 GBs, 64 GBs if you can help it.

The real crime, if there is one, is that no one should buy a 16 GB anything in this day and age with all the music and digital photo consumption going on, it’s just not worth the painful effort of trying to manage so little amount of space.

Apple would do itself a favor to not sell anything less than 64 GBs at this point, but then they’d want to charge more (Imagine that) and people would not buy because they’re be dumb enough to think they can get by on 16 GBs.

CNN: Apple sued because iPhone isn’t really 16 GB.



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