I’m torn writing this.

Today, about 11:15 a.m. CST an idiot plumber/landscaper, someone, was digging near my apartment complex and apparently cut the line to all of those in my area on U-Verse.

I called AT&T and had a 29:30 conversation with a Level-1 tech who after 29:30 told me it was going to be at least 4-5 hours before the problem was fixed.  It’s now 6 hours and 15 minutes later. (Actually, I got distracted on two other projects and it’s 8 p.m. and I have no idea if it’s working at home or not.)

TORN–AT&T’s Twitter Service Is Fantastic!

So I tweeted that I was going to do a video entitled “I’d Rather Talk To My First Wife Than Listen To AT&T‘s On Hold Music.” AT&T, or @ATT jumped in and began trying to help me.  Then @ATTMikeT jumped in.  He even called me and has remained in contact with me throughout the day.  He’s even going to Tweet me when it’s fixed and I know I can go back home.  Right now I’m at my favorite Wing’s place, Boomer Jacks, in Mesquite, TX because they have free and fast WiFi.  Now that’s service.

Now For The Torn Part

So in that 29-minute-and-30-second conversation with the first phone guy–after I got past the electronic voice guy who over the years has actually made me so mad I’ve hung up–I got a techy.  After he determined I wasn’t making up my issue, he put me on hold so he could “refer me up a tier.”

Well it’s when I was on hold that I got the AT&T Customer Service Hold Music.  It’s awful.  It over modulates.  It cuts in and out. It’s horrible music that really doesn’t do anything but inspire one to have even more anxiety–I mean really, who likes to call the power company, the phone company or their bank?

So, while Mike and the other person on @ATT did a great job helping me understand they were working on the problem, the next thing that needs to happen is this video needs to be shown up the “tiers” of management at AT&T.  They’re a huge company.  They have tons of money and yet they have crap quality sounding hold music?  What is that about?

In all fairness, you’ll see in the video, I even turn off the speaker of my iPhone so it’s just the internal speaker.  It’s not any better.

So to Mike and the other AT&T person today, thank you.  Thank you very much.  But please, get someone to fix this.


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