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What The Auburn Alabama Game Has Done For Auburn

What The Auburn Alabama Game Has Done For Auburn


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It’s been five days since the 2013 Auburn Alabama Game in Jordan Hare Stadium in Auburn, Alabama. A game where Auburn was ranked 4th going in and beat UAT/BAMA, ranked 1st nationally going in, and where Auburn won the game in one of the most unusual and spectacular 109-yard TD run plays of all time.

And the impact of the game has been surprising. When I was in college, the Bammers used to love to mock Auburn and say, “Where’s that?”  Even five days after Bama’s defeat this year, people in surprising places have been talking about AUBURN.

At the end of the news on ABC’s Nightly newscast with Diane Sawyer Monday, they ran a feature story of the Auburn-Alabama Game.  Brian Williams, Tuesday in talking about the man-made earthquake from Monday Night Football in Seattle pondered on air, “What would have happened had they been doing seismology tracking in Auburn Saturday night?!”

Justin Timberlake chimed in on Twitter Saturday calling the game one of the most spectacular he’d ever seen.

And all that’s great, among the famous people. But something else has happened these past few days.

As I’ve moved about Dallas, from a lunch scene at Corner Bakery Wednesday, to lunch at Jason’s Deli Thursday in Mesquite, I’ve either overheard people still talking about Auburn and their win, or people, a woman today, came up to me and said, “Wow, you must have had an amazing Saturday.” (I was wearing an Auburn sweatshirt..)

Last year, Gene Chizik had made the Auburn football program crap. We were 0-8 in SEC games. Bama fans were relentless and have been since Cam Newton interrupted their string of national championships.

Saturday’s win has shut the Bama mouthing down. It’s been a nice quiet few days of people, who had they beaten Auburn, would have continued along with their sometimes arrogant, can’t be beaten, Titanic-type of attitude. Some have posted congratulatory posts to Auburn on their Facebook walls, but none/few of my traditional harassers has put anything of congratulations on my own wall. And that’s okay. And I’ve not gone looking to rub it in. I should, but I’ve not, because I’ve also seen how viciously ugly the Bammers can get when the subject is brought up. Apparently it’s been okay in the past to trash Auburn for losing, but it’s not okay to tease Bammers when they lose.

Nonetheless, for the purposes of this post, I want to return the focus on the good that’s come about because of what happened in a second of official time in Auburn Saturday. People around the country know about Auburn now and they’re saying nice things. What a change that is from where we were last year.  What a change that is from where we were 30 years ago…… Now if only Auburn will make something positive of all the new attention….


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