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Back Up Storage–RUN from ZIPCLOUD-Consumer Alert-Do NOT Use Them

Back Up Storage–RUN from ZIPCLOUD-Consumer Alert-Do NOT Use Them

I blame Mac | Life for pushing ZipCloud onto Mac users. I use Dropbox and I’ve tried Bitcasa, too, (GOD, Stay way away from them and do NOT download their app because you cannot get it back off your machine!!!)

The ads for ZipCloud probably were in MacWorld, too, but damn, this is one thing I wish I’d NEVER tried out.

ZipCloud starts off innocent enough. They tell you you can buy into different levels of their services, starting with a basic amount. Then they bombard you with offers to upgrade.

I didn’t like how the service performed. It was cumbersome. I couldn’t figure out really how to use it. ZipCloud does NOT work as smoothly as Dropbox. Little else does. And so I cancelled their services.

Well, that was in October.

I was floored when I kept getting emails from them saying “we haven’t heard from you in awhile.” Well no, I CANCELLED your asses.  When I do that, I don’t plan on you hearing from me and I don’t want to hear from you, either.

But that message came again and again and again.

In this Nov. 10, 2013 email, Jamie Heatherton says it’s been a long time since we last spoke. We haven’t EVER spoken to each other. Hello.

Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 9.01.38 AM

In fact, I have no intention of ever speaking to Jamie. I cancelled their service.  It SUCKS.

So, today, I’ve apparently been pushed upstairs to the C-Suite.

ZipCloud SUCKS

ZipCloud SUCKS

Guess what, I won’t be taking advantage of their extended Cyber Monday offer, either. ZipCloud Sucks. Their service SUCKs. Their Customer Service Sucks.  Their push marketing Sucks. ZipCloud SUCKS.

So I also ask Mac | Life and MacWorld to more carefully look at what they’re endorsing. ZipCloud has been a major pain in the ass and it hasn’t gone away yet.

And finally, today, it’s time to apply RULES to them in Mail.  Why? Because ZipCloud sucks.

I don’t like to sound off on a company like this, not on our business site, but ZipCloud should have stopped with their BS MONTHS ago and they have continued.

When I went in and cancelled their account, they didn’t even understand that. Instead I got this first email:

Cancel ZipCloud Email 1

Cancel ZipCloud Email 1


And then, after I sent them the above email, CLEARLY saying to cancel my service and issue me a refund, the next day I got an email that said this:

Do NOT use ZipCloud. They SUCK.

Do NOT use ZipCloud. They SUCK.


And the emails continue…..

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