Dear Steve Jobs, The SUPPLY of One-to-One creative teachers in the Dallas area is not keeping up with DEMAND.  Hello.  My Santa-role-playing wife paid for 52 weekly, hour-long training sessions for me for the year.  That's all great and wonderful, but it appears that Adolpho at NorthPark Center in Dallas is the ONLY video creative teacher available at the present time, and he had no openings for weeks to come when I tried to schedule my next session today.  Steve, this is not good. 

I am a walking MAC advertisement.  I carry my iPhone proudly.  I use my MacBook Pro continually throughout the day.   And I absolutely love my One-to-One classes, but they're hard to take when you don't have enough people to teach them.

Maybe like I just got another 60 free days of MobileMe, maybe I should be able to a few extra weeks because there are no teachers available for One-to-One.