Oil company BP is looking for a victory.  Well, I’ll give them one.

They get the award for making the most asinine statement of the day:  Quoting CNN, (I know, an equally asinine thing to do)  “We are going to clear every drop of oil off the shore,” Tony Hayward, BP’s chief executive,  told reporters at Fourchon Beach, Louisiana, where cleanup efforts were under way. “We will remediate any environmental damage and we will put the Gulf Coast right and back to normality as fast as we can.”

Where were his advisers on that one?  Every drop? It’s been a month and they’ve not even been able to stop the leak yet.  Can one even possibly fathom the impossibility of cleaning up every drop of oil?  They can’t even say how much has flowed into the Gulf. 

Rule number 1 after Rule number 1-A of PR: Never make a promise you can’t keep.  That comes right after never lie.

But I understand his position. The news hounds are looking for ultimatums.  They’re looking for something strong.

After all, BP has been rightly been taking a full-fledged PR body blow over the entire situation.  Without question, they’ve gotten away with humongous natural disasters before while all 90 percent of the people of the world think Exxon Valdez when one mentions ExxonMobil.

BP is  finally getting their due for all the PR dollars that have flowed from their coffers into the public domain claiming they’re the environmentally sound oil company.

But to stand there today, when their credibility already has been ignited like the fire on the deck above the leaking well, and claim that “every drop” will be cleaned up leaves I would think most thinking his comments are as much to be believed as their initial projections about how much was leaking into the Gulf to begin with.

Bad move Mr. Hayward.  And that’s why you win an award for the stupid PR comment of the day.