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Cartwright Speedway in Front of Stoneleigh Apartments

I’ve safely been at least 4,162 miles on business around the US in the past 12 days and this morning pulled out onto Cartwright in Mesquite and almost got hit by a Dodge Charger going well over the posted 40 mph so he/she didn’t see the stop light until it was almost too late.

The negligent city of Mesquite continues to do nothing about this problem.

If something ever happens to me, someone please sue Mesquite back into the Stone Ages on behalf of my children. Thank you.

The simple solution to the Cartwright Speedway is to make the light at Stoneleigh change before speeders getting off 635 and those coming from Belt Line MUST stop mid-way at the park, but that’s too obvious.

Having MPD out there to write tickets a night or two isn’t going to solve the problem either.

People have been killed in that intersection while I’ve lived here.

The Mesquite Independent School District’s special ed buses continue to make prohibited right turns at that intersection endangering the lives of kids.

I hope this is enough for a good trial lawyer to use some day for the benefit of the survivors of the next series of accidents.


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