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Chase Bank Offline In More Ways Than One

Chase Bank Offline In More Ways Than One

UPDATE–March 19: News reports from Chase officials say yesterday’s mix up was not a cyber attack. Regardless, in a space where there is no information, information will be supplied. I’m personally a loyal Chase banker and I’ve still no reason to change to another bank, but they didn’t handle this situation well. The question that should be being asked today is how did a system that’s almost certain to have multiple redundancies so this would never happen fail? The other question is why didn’t Chase’s corporate communications staff, in the midst of this crisis situation for many bankers across the nation, do more to respond and assure everyone that they hadn’t been hacked?  Two tweets in the middle of an event in this day and age is not sufficient.

UPDATE: As of 8:50 p.m. CST, Chase accounts have been restored.  Crisis over.  But still @ChaseSupport has yet to make such an announcement.

UPDATE: As of 8:26 p.m. @ChaseSupport reporting: “*ALERT* We’re looking into reported trans. issues & working to correct an internal issue to show customer balances. We’ll keep you updated.”

It’s 7:56 p.m. Monday, March 18, 2013 and for more than an hour now all accounts in Chase Bank are down. (NBC is reporting it’s a denial-of-services cyber attack. Chase says that didn’t happen. And if you think about it, if it had been a d-o-s attack, we wouldn’t have been able to get in to see our information at all…..)

But it’s been more than an hour now that their @ChaseBank Twitter account has updated.  The message then:  “*ALERT* Customers are unable to view their checking account balances online and on mobile. We will keep you updated as we learn more.”

Chase Bank Down

Chase Bank Down

But we live in a time when an hour is a heck of a long time. Particularly when people’s bank accounts all say suddenly that there is zero in the bank.

Questions are going to be asked.  How could a bank as big as Chase have it’s entire system go down at one time? Surely they have redundancies.

And then there’s the issue of Twitter. The account has gone silent. But there are people across Twitter tweeting their speculations–that Chase has been hacked, that they should move their money back to Bank of America. It’s not good.

On their Twitter page, right now it features a bunch of people who have access to the Twitter feed.  No one is using it right now and that’s not good.  In a situation like this there should be protocols to follow and things that should be getting updated.  Yes, Chase is a corporation so that means things internally move slowly, but this isn’t a time for that to be happening.

Our company works to provide crisis communications services and plans for just such events.  Lots needs to be studied about how Chase handles this in the next few hours. But for right now, it’s very frustrating.


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