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City of Mesquite, we continue to have a traffic issue

City of Mesquite, we continue to have a traffic issue in front of Stoneleigh Apartments

It was March 8 2014, that I last wrote about the dangerous traffic condition on Cartwright Road in Mesquite, Texas in front of the Stoneleigh apartments. 

I noted then that there continues to be a very serious and dangerous issue with the timing of the traffic lights and the speed of Mesquite drivers. I had mainly been writing about west to east traffic.

Last year, there were multiple issues, also noted on the site. 

This morning, I left to go gas up at 7 a.m. and to get a bite for breakfast before heading off to appointments. When I pulled into a local restaurant, a MPD cruiser went west on Cartwright running code and clearly kicking it. Behind him was an ambulance, then Engine 1, and then the Mesquite Fire Department ladder truck. When I got my food, I made my way west down Cartwright to come home, but after crossing over the Butterfly Trail bridge, I soon saw that everything had stopped in the middle of the intersection entrance of Stoneleigh apartments and Cartwright Road.

I did a U-Turn, went all the way back to Belt Line, turned right, went out to 635, back to the Bruton/Cartwright exit and then right again to try to get to the other side of the entrance. That took a good 15 minutes to go around and get back to the entrance.

The June 5, 2014 Accident

This morning there was a blue car all over the intersection in the west-bound lanes of Cartwright. From what I could tell, it was somehow a one-car accident. That or a wrecker already had gotten one of the cars out.  There were car parts all over the intersection. The ambulance pulled off once I finally got to the entrance of the apartment complex.

Cartwright June 5 B Cartwright june 5

The problem here is that this continues to be a dangerous situation. The timing on the lights in Mesquite onto main streets is bad enough, but sitting, waiting to come out of Stoneleigh onto Cartwright to go toward 635 is a safety hazard with these foke coming down either way like there’s no tomorrow and wide open on the throttle.

This is only going to get fixed if Mesquite begins to do more to fix


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  1. Travis Warner

    I live in the stoneleigh apartments, I could not agree more that this intersection is a serious issue. When pulling out of the apartments and the light turns green I give it a few seconds because I just know someone is going to run that light on Cartwright, and guess what just last night I was right, someone did. Anyways, I was leaving this morning and saw this accident just before all the cops and ambulance were there. It looked like a a pretty horrendous accident.



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