Donald J. Claxton-Communication Consultant-2022

Photos of Communication Consultant Donald J. Claxton in action. Plus, testimonial letters from former Dallas Independent School District Superintendent Dr. Mike Moses, and former Alabama Gov. Fob James.

About Communication Consultant Donald J. Claxton.

As a communication consultant with almost 35 years of experience, I advise clients in many industries.

Living in Dallas gives me access to two of America’s and the world’s busiest airports–American Airlines-based Dallas-Fort Worth, and Southwest Airlines-based Love Field.

This includes writing news releases, arranging news conferences, coordinating crisis communications, building websites, proofreading, and editing. I also create SEO-based content, help novel writers map out their hero’s journey, write targeted email newsletters, and depending on the situation, fill in as an interim director of communications for public school districts.

My specialties include:

  • Political campaigns
  • Governor’s press offices
  • Public education school district communications
  • Corporate public relations and benevolence programs, in particular, STEM-based programs for at-risk teens
  • Website development for small businesses.

I have a proven track record in media relations. My work helps clients use targeted and effective communication to reach their goals.

Consider the many ways hiring me as your communication consultant will benefit your operational strategies.

My communication consultant job description includes:

  • Writing news releases, never press releases
  • Holding news conferences, never press conferences
  • Crisis communications with rapid, targeted responses in the appropriate media
  • Using Elegant Themes to build political campaign WordPress websites
  • Using the Elegant Themes “Extra” theme to build quick and ready websites
  • Proofreading and editing services
  • SEO-based content creation
  • Coaching the creation of a hero’s journey diagram
  • Coaching in the selection of a genre for novel writing
  • Email newsletter writing
  • Researching topics and writing speech materials for clients
  • Interim director of communication services for public school districts
  • Media relations for political campaigns–federal, state, county, and city levels
  • Media relations for small businesses that cannot afford expensive retainers and costs
  • YouTube video script writing, production, and editing

You can contact me in several ways, including setting up a free 15-minute consultation. Following the link saves us time by allowing you to book an appointment in my pre-scheduled hours.

My desire for a career in communications.

Ever since I was knee-high to a grasshopper, I worked toward having a career in communications. I recall as a young boy asking my dad, then a B-52 pilot, what the glass panes on either side of the president were as he spoke.

Dad thought they likely were bulletproof glass, but alas, by the age of 23, I had a job where I was operating TelePrompters.

In 1992, I also had a Secret Service S-pin, which you can see one of mine from over the years in the montage above.

President George H.W. Bush was in Montgomery, Alabama and my governor was there with him that morning.

I positioned myself behind the president, but out of camera view, as he spoke. As he read the TelePrompter, one of his feet rested flat on the dais. He bent the other at the knee, enabling the toe of his shoe to touch the stage. As he stood there delivering his comments, President Bush rocked that one shoe back and forth.

An insight that no one else witnessed that day. Fun!

I look forward to helping you generate earned media.

Let’s connect and explore how we may work together.

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