Communication consulting services require important skills

After almost 35 years of my career, I provide many communication consulting services.

My services include:

  • Writing news releases and not press releases
  • Holding news conferences and not press conferences
  • Crisis communications with rapid, targeted responses in the appropriate media
  • Using Elegant Themes to build political campaign websites
  • Using Elegant Themes “Extra” theme to build quick and ready websites
  • Proofreading and editing services
  • SEO-based content creation
  • Coaching the creation of a hero’s journey diagram
  • Coaching in the selection of a genre for novel writing
  • Email newsletter writing
  • Researching topics and writing speech materials for clients
  • Interim director of communication services for public school districts
  • Media relations for political campaigns–federal, state, county, and city levels
  • Media relations for small business that cannot afford expensive retainers and costs
  • YouTube video script writing, production, and editing

Communication consulting, public relations, novel writing, YouTube, and a taste for adventure

Over the last three decades, I gained skills in these areas and more. I rose from mere intern in former and late Alabama Gov. Guy Hunt in 1988 to his assistant press secretary in 1992. From 1993-June 1994, I served as the press secretary to the late Winton Blount III on his first run for governor. When former Gov. Fob James switched parties to for re-election, he beat Winton in the primary. That’s when I switched over to work with Fob for the next five years.

In the meantime, I discovered this thing called a “browser” early in 1995. This led me to go buy a “how to write HTML in a week” book and begin writing the pages that grew into the state of Alabama’s website. I also made Gov. James the first statewide candidate in Alabama to have a public email address and the first campaign website.

The next two years, two buddies and I launched a political consulting company. Then we got into the development of online focus groups, and developed an app that conducted accurate, real-time exit polling data. We were on the verge of selling it to the Associated Press when changes were made.

After that, my family moved from Montgomery, Alabama to Dallas. The superintendent of schools hired me as the communications director for the 12th largest school district in the nation. For five years, I worked with a wonderful staff to provide the media with truthful, accurate, and immediate responses. DFW was the fifth largest TV market in America at the time.

In 2007, I worked for the Oklahoma City Public Schools as communications director. Then a Dallas PR firm hired me to manage their national and local corporate benevolence programs for ExxonMobil. We promoted Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics programs for at-risk youth across America.

In 2012, Apple released iBooks Author. On my own, I recruited others to build interactive books for iPad. I also worked a year with a Huntsville, Alabama medical health records startup.

Then in May 2016, an injury so far permanently damage my lower lumbar.

I have fallen three times now and my neurosurgeon says I need a neck surgery. He’s right, I do. But there’s a huge impediment in the way–this horrendous economy.

Donald J. Claxton Photo Montage

These are images of various service opportunities throughout the years of my career.

Writing for Medium, Substack and building a website for communication consulting and social media

Since spring of 1994, I’ve been a communications practitioner on the internet.

I’ve maintained some sort of blog since 2008.

I now have two channels on YouTube and they are growing.

Several days of the week, I post on I have three email newsletters on Substack–Disquisition, Full-frontal Nudity of the Soul for writers, and The Voodoo Hill Explorer Club.

Those opportunities provide ample space to share experiences and offer consulting services. They also allow for discussions on novel writing, and living out the wildest sylvan adventures.

These days I’m also offering myself as a communication consultant.

I’ve set up shop over at to offer services for communication consulting. This includes writing news releases and holding news conferences. A stark contrast between PR firms that generate fluff of little substance. I approach writing for clients with a news mind-set.

When I served as editor of my collegiate student newspaper, I made a promise we would operate as a newspaper. We would not run stories like, “We had a dance Saturday night, and everyone came and had a great time.” No, we tackled issues like the security of a list of “known AIDS victims.” This was when a Montgomery police officer gave me a copy of what the mayor joked about, then denied it existed.

We covered hard-hitting news of the Montgomery City Council. Issues and events beyond the boundaries of our school. The faculty wondered whether “you’re trying to be a real newspaper or a student newspaper.”

So on, I’m offering myself as a seasoned news release writer. I am set u for crisis management. Professional editing and proofreading via the AP Stylebook. My services also focus on saving businesses thousands retainers for high-dollar PR firms. In particular, ones that write “press releases.” The ones that encourage you to hold “press conferences.”

Having a news mindset as opposed to a PR mindset makes all the difference in the world.

Content creation coupled with SEO.

I’m also offering my services on for those in need of content to put on your website. I amass information via SEO platforms for printed materials, and then also via VidIQ.

Bringing in steady and profitable work.

Yes, I have a disability to perform these tasks. But I have no other choice but to dive straight back into the waters. If you need my services, inquire, and the job looks like it will be more than I can handle, I will say so. No sense in raising our cortisol levels to unhealthy amounts.

This does not mean I will compromise on timeliness of product and service delivery. If you hire me, you will experience great customer service.

During the last year, I devoted serious amounts of time to resharpening my tool kit.

I taught myself once more how to do Search Engine Optimization. To build websites with Elegant Theme’s Divi Builder, and their Extra Theme. I’ve learned about using my social media accounts for better results.

Last week on Medium, I posted the first posts on social media platforms and what I’ve learned there.

Have you tried these media platforms?

Over the last year, I have tested each of these platforms to see what fits and if it’s necessary.

Working with you as a communication consultant.

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