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AUSTIN, TX—Austin-area inventor and businessman, Tuan Dam, founder of Cleanint, LLC, a company developing anti-microbial products for use in healthcare, retail outlets, offices and schools, calls the Contagion movie being released into local theaters nationwide a “wakeup call to raise awareness about what can be done to prevent the spread of harmful germs and illnesses.”

Mr. Dam’s company has developed the newly-designed Cleanstethoscope for healthcare, the Cleanstylus for checkout counters, and Cleanpen, for schools and offices that each kill up to 99.99 percent of germs on the surfaces often exposed and viable for spreading illnesses and diseases. DSC 4410 Edit SMALL

“We’ve studied how illnesses and diseases can be spread so easily, particularly within the healthcare industry where studies show that on average stethoscopes aren’t cleaned very often by providers, and often are contaminated with harmful germs such as MRSA, Staph and Bacillus,” Dam said. “In a situation portrayed in Contagion where a pandemic is spreading and medical equipment can become contaminated and actually exacerbate the situation, it’s important for products in the healthcare industry to cure the problem, not spread it.

“Think about when you go see a physician. We’re encouraging them to begin practicing SafeSteth. Ever wonder about how many patients they’ve seen with their stethoscope since it was last cleaned?” Dam said. “Studies show it’s been many people and some of them very sick.”

EDITOR’S NOTE: Mr. Dam is available via telephone, Skype and satellite facilities for interviews that can be scheduled via Donald J. Claxton of Dallas at 214-364-7240,

Mr. Dam says with movies like Contagion and the release of more and more information to the healthcare community, there are opportunities to affect change in current practices and raise awareness in the healthcare industry, retail outlets and our schools and offices.


Claxton Creative, LLC

Claxton Creative is a DFW-area based public relations firm specializing in the promotion of healthcare-related technology and products. Owned by former political advisor and Dallas Schools spokesman Donald Claxton, the company specializes in public relations, social media branding and Web technologies

Cleanint: it’s simple—it’s clean.

The focus of the Cleanint anti-microbial product line is based on this singular concept: “it’s simple—it’s clean.” Whether it’s for healthcare, checkout counters, offices or schools, this principle is at the heart of everything we develop and what makes our products unique, cost-effective and powerful without compromising consumer safety. This philosophy has led to the development of our flagship products Cleanpen, Cleanstylus, and in mid-2011, the launching of Cleanstethoscope. To us, “it’s simple—it’s clean,” means the development of innovative germ-killing products that perform flawlessly without getting in the way, and by helping people live healthier knowing our products are reducing the risk of spreading germs or diseases. It’s simple, if a proposed product doesn’t meet our standard of “it’s simple — it’s clean” we won’t make it. Cleanint, LLC was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in Georgetown, Texas.

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