A little more than 10 days ago, I began a daily tracking of the numbers from the Johns Hopkins website, largely to track growth and see what has been happening from day-to-day. Today’s post includes a coronavirus 10-day update, as well as a comparison to yesterday. I don’t know how often I’ll do these, but it seems like multiples of 10 should be the goal.

What is staggering is that worldwide on the morning of March 8, 2020, the total of confirmed cases was at 107,758. Today, March 18, that number has almost doubled to 211,853. There are 96,506 new cases confirmed within the last 10 days, but 21,727 of them happened since yesterday.

The number of deaths worldwide on the eighth of March had reached 3,658. Today the number of dead worldwide is 8,724–a difference of 4,586 people. That number has increased 1,207 since yesterday alone.

And then there the number of total recoveries–60,660 as of March 8, and 82,107 as of this morning. That’s a change of 21,447–1,459 of them overnight.

China’s total cases has only changed by 433 people since the eighth–from 81,058 to today’s 81,102.

Italy, by more than double, has run away with the dubious lead, over its closest trailer, Iran. Ten days ago, Italy had 5,883 cases and today the total blew past 31,506. That’s a 25,623 difference. Their number of deaths increased as well from 233 on March 8, to 2,503 yesterday–a difference of 2,270 people. Since yesterday alone, 345 more people perished.

In Iran, 17,361 people have been confirmed with the virus as of today, an increase of 10,795 from March 8, when the total was 6,565 people. Deaths have reached 1,135 there–up 941 from 194 on March 8, 2020.

Spain presently has more than 13,910 cases confirmed, but 10 days ago only had 613. That’s a difference of 13, 297 people. Looking at the number of deaths, 17 had died on March 8, today that number jumped past 623–up by at lease 606 people.

Germany had 951 confirmed cases on March 8, and has jumped to 10,082 as of today–an increase of 9,131 people. The death rate in Germany has reached 26 people as of today, 10 days ago it was 0. Three new deaths occurred since yesterday.

South Korea has fallen from just below China 10 days ago. As of today they have 8,413 cases and 10 days ago the number was 7,314. The number of confirmed cases has risen by 1,099 people. Deaths on the eighth totally 50 people. Today the number is 84. That’s an increase of 34 in 10 days–3 of them coming overnight.

France has 7,896 confirmed cases as of today, that’s opposed to the 949 cases they had on March 8. The have seen a rise of 6,717 cases during the measured time period. Their number of deaths has reached 148, up from the 11 it had recorded 10 days ago; a difference of 137 people.

In the United States, on March 8, 2020, there were 466 confirmed cases of the coronavirus in the country. That number has increased to 6,519 as of today; an increase of 6,055 cases in 10 days. The US deaths related to the coronavirus have risen from 25 on the eighth, to 114 today, a difference of 89 people. Just since yesterday, the number of deaths in America 20 people.

Ten days ago I was not yet tracking the UK’s numbers because they were not drawing anyone’s attentions. Today, however, they have 2,626 cases of the disease, up from 1,960 yesterday, an increase of devilish proportions–666 people. They have had 71 deaths so far, 15 of them overnight, from 56.

Ireland is another country whose numbers I was not tracking, but since they were included with the travel ban this past week with the UK, hey have been added. I do not have information from 10 days ago. I apologize for the oversight. As of today there are 292 cases in Ireland, up 69 overnight from 223.

Russia has a total of 147 cases as of today and increased them by 33 since yesterday. They had a total of 15 confirmed coronavirus cases just 10 days ago. There still are zero deaths recorded in that country.