Apologies for posting today’s coronavirus update so late. Today has been consumed by discussions and announcements and updates about a virus that here in Texas has infected 22 people in a state of 28 million people. Last night President Trump addressed the nation and announced a travel ban from European countries to the United States. The NBA stopped games in serval venues last night and postponed the season indefinitely. MLB has moved the beginning of the season back two weeks. The NCAA yesterday, in consultations with the NCAA came to the conclusion to hold the annual mens and women’s tournaments without fans. Today, they cancelled the 2020 tournament completely. That’s right. March Madness has turned into March Sadness.

As for facts and figures without hyperbole, according to the Johns Hopkins map in comparison to today’s numbers v. yesterday’s, there are now 128,343 cases worldwide–that’s 16,980 more than yesterday. The actual number of countries the disease is in has varied by time of day within the past 48 hours. On March 10, the number was at 115. March 12, the number had grown to 118, and today it is down to 116.

The number of dead from the pandemic rose to 4,270 worldwide, up 828 from yesterday. The recovery numbers worldwide increased to 68,324, with 5,932 new recoveries since yesterday.

Overnight in China, there were only 11 new cases recorded since yesterday, bringing the number to 80,932.

Italy continues to be the most active nation on the planet with 12,462 cases, up 2,313 new cases from yesterday, and 827 who have now died. An additional 191 people died there in the last 24 hours. The newly recovered reach 1,045, up 321 from the day before, and 10,590 now have active cases of the disease, up 1,794 cases from yesterday.

In the United States, the number of cases rose to 1,663, an increase of 613 cases. The number of fatalities rose to 46, an increase of 11 from yesterday.