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Coronavirus Update March 10, 2020

Because of the coronavirus outbreak in Italy, the country has imposed a nation-wide quarantine with very limited permissions for travel within the country. Indeed, just as recently as Friday (this is Tuesday) there only were 3,858 cases and 148 had perished. The country was well-behind South Korea and Iran with 4,747 and 3,858 cases respectively. Today, March 10, Italy has surpassed Iran and South Korea in cases, deaths, and active cases. Iran remains ahead of the three in recoveries with 2,731, provided Iran is releasing accurate numbers.

Nevertheless, the new totals as of this morning, per the Johns Hopkins website, world-wide we have reached a total of 116,119 cases of coronavirus. The death county world-wide is at 4,087, and the recovery statistic is said to be 64,385.

JH Graph 031020

Since yesterday, there have been an increase of 4,756 new cases, 195 new deaths, and 1,993 recoveries.

In the United States, there were an additional 195 cases reported in the last 24 hours and 5 new deaths reported and attributed to COVID-19. Overall in America, that brings the number of cases to 761 out of 327 million people, and 31 deaths. That is not noted to diminish the significance of the deaths, for every life is sacred, but to help put the situation in some perspective as well.

A personal anecdote, the Walmarts in the Mesquite and Balch Springs areas of Texas are running quite low or out of stock of anti-bacterial wipes in value packs, having tried to order them from two different stores in the past two days. The Mesquite store seemed to have the Clorox wipes for around $12.87 or so. Not sure how long supplies will last.

I saw a comment on FoxNews.com this morning with one person asking, “Why is there a run on toilet paper, I thought this was a respiratory thing?”

There has no doubt been a considerable amount of hype given to this matter. Now whether it is overblown or merited remains to be seen or a matter of interpretation. What do you think?

I will admit I have done some prepping of my own. Water, canned foods. I’ve stopped shopping in grocery stores and instead either having it delivered or going to Walmart’s pick-up. But I have not ordered me a surgical mask, which would not help me even if an infected person was around, nor have I ordered an N-95 mask.

What has been shameful is the number of advertisers who have jumped on Instagram and advertised masks that are not rated N-95. They’re selling masks that even were a person around a sick person or to have the disease, would not prevent them from spreading their germs because their masks do not measure up to standards.

Instagram Masks

And then there are the vendors on Amazon who only three or four weeks ago were selling a box of N-95 masks, or simply one even, for as little as $85.99. The prices have gone higher, or they’re simply out of stock now. So I believe some attorneys general should look into some price gouging that’s gone on over the sale of masks. First false advertising, second, price gouging.

The essential point about masks is that even the Surgeon General of the United States has said, “Stop buying them.” Unless you have COVID-19 you don’t need one, and if you don’t have it and you’re wearing one, it’s not going to prevent you from getting sick. If the coronavirus germs are in the air, they’ll get in your hair, on your hands, face, etc, and by touching your face, eyes, nose, mouth, you’ll ingest them and stand a good chance that way of getting infected. So, don’t buy a mask.


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