If one were to give a title name to today, “I Declare Day,” seems like it would be the most fitting in coronavirus, COVID-19 American history. The reason that’s so fitting is because from President Trump down to several of the nation’s governors, to county commissioners, to mayors, school superintendents and anything lower, if they could declare something, many of them did.

The president declared a national emergency, thus freeing up federal dollars for multiple agencies and purposes for more rapid responses to needs around the country.

Governors made announcements about actions they were taking to increase testing sites and free up bed space in their states.

At 11 a.m. in Dallas County, Texas, an order from the county commission went into effect prohibiting the gathering inside or out of groups of more than 500 people. A “strong discouragement” also came with that for groups as large as 250 people. And another discouragement was issued for those who are older than 60 years of age and those with underlying health issues.

The mayor of Los Angeles announced closings of the LA Unified School District. And on the declarations went.

The worldwide total cases, based on the Johns Hopkins site rose to 137,456, a gain of 9,113 in 24 hours. The total number of deaths worldwide also rose to 5,074, an increase of 354 deaths since the Thursday numbers.

And the number of recoveries reach 69,643 worldwide, an increase of 1,319.

Most notably, Thursday the increase in cases in China rose 11. For Friday’s county the number increased by 13 to 80,945.

Italy, however, remained the world hotspot with 15,113 cases and an increase of 2,651 overnight. Their country’s deaths rose to 1,016, with a change of 189 new deaths during the last 24 hours. Italy had 0 new recoveries. They have 13,052 active cases, an increase in 2,462 overnight.

If measuring by number of deaths, Iran was the next country to consider, now totaling 514 total, with 85 new deaths since Thursday. Their caseload of 11,364 increased by 1,209, which was some 500 fewer than Spain’s.

South Korea’s numbers included a 110-person caseload increase to 7,979. The death total in the country stayed at 66 from the day before. Recoveries increased to 510, up 177 cases, and there are 7,403 active cases right now.

In the United States, the total cases rose to 1,701, an increase of 38. The death toll rose to 47, up by 1.

The check of the Russian’s status shows a total of 34 cases. Last Friday they had four. Their totals increased by 6 overnight. They still have 0 deaths. They have 3 recoveries, that didn’t change over night, and active cases are 31. Like pointed out, last Friday the numbers were 4 cases, 0 dead, 2 recoveries, and 2 active cases.