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Coronavirus Update March 9, 2020

Today I begin what I hope will become a regular series of Coronavirus updates based a much as possible on fact, with observations of whether or not the mainstream media in America and politicians are using the spread of COVID-19 as a politicized weapon.

The source I use daily to track information about coronavirus is from the Johns Hopkins website. They supposedly are getting their information from the WHOCDCECDCNHC and DXY. Since March 6, 2020, I have been writing down daily totals published on the chart published by Johns Hopkins, and then running comparisons.

JH Corona 030920

Here are facts according to the information available:

Since March 6, 2020–the first day the world count of known cases topping 100,000 worldwide–the number of cases has increased from 100,330 to 111,363. An increase of 11,033 cases in four days.

On the sixth, there had only been 3,411 deaths worldwide. Today the number is 3,892–an increase of 481.

The recovery numbers were 55,753 worldwide, and 62,392 today; a total change of 6,639.

Yesterday, Sunday, March 8, the virus was only to be known in 107 countries. Over night that expanded to 109.

In the United States as of today we have 566 known cases; a difference of 333 since Friday. I’ve included the death count on the “Diamond Princess” cruise ship in my US numbers since instead of listing a total sum of the US deaths as Johns Hopkins has done with every other country on that map except China. On Friday the United States had a total of 14 deaths. Today that number is up to 26.

Since yesterday in the United States, 100 more people have been identified as having the disease, (566 Monday as opposed to 466 Sunday). It appears there was one death in America since yesterday.

On Friday, Iran was ahead of Italy in the number of infected cases (Iran 4,747; Italy 3,858) by 889 cases. March 9 marks the first day that Italy has switched places with Iran by 241 cases. (Italy 7,375; Iran 7,161).

Since yesterday, France also has jumped ahead of Germany by 58 cases (France 1,209; Germany 1,151).

On Friday it was inescapable to notice that Russia only was registering 4 confirmed cases, 2 recovered, 2 active and 0 dead. Especially with their close proximity to China, where the numbers are astronomical compared to anywhere else in the world. As of today, the situation has changed. Russia is now reporting 17 confirmed incidents, 3 recoveries, 14 active cases, and still 0 deaths.

Is this a crisis, epidemic, pandemic, or being overhyped?

My answer to that question right now is, I do not know. The president and vice president say the situation is being handled, that there is a low risk of getting it, etc. The CDC last week or the week before went Chicken Little and were saying 70 percent of all Americans will have it within the next year.

The president has said it will die out once the summer heat comes. This has drawn nothing but scoffs from much of the media who are hoping for this to be something out of a dystopian movie. On their own, CNN has even gone ahead on their own and started calling the matter a pandemic, when the learned disease control experts around the world have not, and said it is not.

The US Stock Market has lost 5,000 points in the past week because of the panic that has been created in the media. Are they right to generate panic in their reporting?

Corona growth 030920

If you look at the attached chart from the Johns Hopkins model, you can see that the last few days mark a period where the number of identified cases has grown larger than the number of recoveries. What the chart does not say is if this is attributable to the influx of text kits that are being delivered across the US and to other countries as well.

So this is the latest. Elderly people with underlying conditions such as heart problems, obesity, diabetes, and respiratory issues they say are at the greatest risk. CDC officials are saying those are the ones who already should be limiting their exposure to groups, not traveling far from home, and washing their hands like crazy.

How bad is this going to get? I really wish I knew.


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