The coronavirus, COVID-19, update for March 14, 2020, unofficially referred to as “Pi Day,” since 3, 1, and 4 are the first three significant digits of π, is as follows. Worldwide, we now have reached a total of 149,293 cases, up 11,837 since yesterday. The virus is now in 146 countries–up from 114 Friday. The number of deaths has risen to 5,609, an increase of 535, and the total number of recoveries is at 72,042–a difference of 2,399 from the day before.

In the past 24 hours, the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, has actively led two news events from the White House to update the American people on the administration’s efforts to enlist the assistance of the public sector, and to announce the freeing up of federal dollars that will help state and local governments across the country gain access to funding they badly need at this time.

Today the president also announced that he is expanding the European travel ban to include the United Kingdom and Ireland, beginning Monday. The UK’s numbers today have reached 1,143 cases, 21 deaths, and 18 recoveries, leaving 1,101 active cases. Ireland’s number of cases has multiplied from 6 last weekend to 90 this week, and also includes their first death, 0 recoveries, and 89 active cases.

These numbers are based from the 10:33 reading on the Johns Hopkins website as of 10:33 Central time, USA, 03/14/20.

China’s cases are up to 80,976, up 177 cases from the day before.

Italy still maintains the most dramatic increase per day with 17,660 cases total, up 2,547 since yesterday, a total number of 1,266 deaths, which is up 250 over the day before, and 1,439 recoveries, an increase of 394.

Spain has the next highest daily growth rate–6,023 coronavirus cases–an increase of 1,950 overnight. A total of 191 died in the last 24 hours, an increase of 99, with 517 recovering, an increase of 328 overnight.

Iran has had a total of 12,729 cases–up 1,385 since Friday, and 611 deaths, a rise of 97. In the past 24 hours, the number of recoveries has remained at 2,959. As a matter of fact, through this reporting system with Johns Hopkins, the number of recoveries has not altered since Thursday, March 12.

South Korea has had 8,806 cases, an increase of 107 overnight, with a total of 72 deaths recorded, 6 overnight. Their recovery number, which is now 510, has not changed since Thursday, March 12, when it reached 333.

Germany has seen 3,953 cases, up 894, while France has had 3,667, and increased of 778. The German death toll now is 8, up by 2, while France is more accelerated at 79 with 18 of them happening in the last 24 hours. Neither company has noted any additional recoveries with 46 recoveries in Germany and 12 in France since Friday, March 13.

In the United States, the total number of coronavirus cases now is at 2,177, a 476-case increase overnight. The US is up to 54 deaths, 16 new overnight. (As the number of new testing kits are spread around the country, numbers are sure to spike considerably in the next few days simply because more people will be tested than previously.)

Switzerland had 501 new cases overnight, bringing their total to 1,359. There now have been 13 deaths in the country, 5 new overnight. Recoveries are listed at 4, with no change in the day before.

The UK has increased above a thousand with 1,143 cases, 21 deaths, and 18 recoveries.

Russia’s caseload now has risen to 47, an increase of 13. They still have not announced any deaths, but have 3 recoveries and 44 active cases, an increase of 13.

As noted above, Ireland and the UK are being added to the European travel ban to America. Ireland now has had 90 cases, 1 death, 0 recoveries, leaving 89 active cases.

Vice President Mike Pence announced today he will be making a new series of coronavirus announcements at 5 p.m. Eastern Sunday, March 15, 2020.