St. Patrick’s Day 2020 — a day when the coronavirus update from around the world is leaving more people blue than green on such a historic day. Total cases now of confirmed coronavirus has topped 190-thousand worldwide– up 15,340 overnight to 190,126. The number of deaths worldwide rose 812 people in the past 24 hours to 7,517, while the number of those recovered reached 80,648, up 2,991.

The case increases reported from China remain nominal, with 81,058 reported, and an increase of 26 people overnight.

By far, Italy remains the hotspot of the world with 3,238 new cases from yesterday, brining their total confirmed cases to 27,980. Their death toll has risen to 2,158, up 349 people in just one day. The recoveries have reached 2749, up 414 people. Italy is one fourth of the total in China, and near double the number of cases from the next closest country, Iran.

Iran has logged 16,169 cases, up 1,178 cases from yesterday. Their number of deaths are at 988, up 135, but almost half that of Italy. The recoveries in Iran have reached 5,389, up 799 from yesterday.

The second highest rate of growth in Europe is taking place in Spain, now solidly the fourth highest ranking number of cases at 11,309 with 1,902 overnight. A total of 509 people have died, up 174 overnight. The number of recoveries reach 1,028, up 498 over yesterday.

Germany has 8,604 cases, up 1932 from yesterday. The death tally jumped by 9 to 23. To date, 66 have recovered, up 8 from the day before.

France Has a total of 6,664 cases, up 1,284 from yesterday, while their death tally climbed to 148–up 21 people. Their recovery number held at 12 people.

In the United States the number of total cases rose to 5,702, up 1,889. Total deaths reached 94, jumping 25 people in one day. There have been 17 recoveries reported, up 5 from yesterday.

In the United Kingdom, where the new travel ban to the US went into effect at midnight Monday, the total number of cases reach 1,960, up 417 cases overnight. The death toll reached 56, almost doubling at 21 people. The number of recoveries reached 53, up 33 from Tuesday.

Ireland, where St. Patrick’s Day festivities also have been stunted, 223 people have been confirmed with the disease, up 54 people from yesterday. The death toll remains at 2 and recovery rose to 5 from zero.

In Russia, 114 cases have been confirmed, up 24. Their first two deaths happed in the past 24 hours.