Actress Jane Seymour at the 2010 Academy Awards

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The language learning program Rosette Stone has a radio ad that’s likely playing across the nation featuring the voice of the lovely, talented and English-sounding Jane Seymour.

The spot, which is a 60, (it’s a minute long), features Seymour espousing the benefits of Rosette Stone and how one who uses it will be speaking in another tongue in no time.

And the spot rolls along just fine until she gets to one of the last sentences where she says Rosetta Stone is “Fast and effective.”  It’s the “anD-effective” part where the slip-up happens.  No, she doesn’t call it “Deffective,” but this is where you have to be listening quite hard to not hear it that way. Frankly, we’re surprised it got out of the studio that way.

Our recommendation would be that in future ads for Rosetta Stone, the copy writers find a new way to say “And-effective.”   Maybe “Effective and Fast,” would work better.

We’re sure the product is fast and … effective.  But why plant a potential thought in someone’s mind?

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