Hi everyone, if you recall, a few weeks ago we encouraged blood drive support for little Dakota Dykes who is a new born here in the Dallas area. Dakota Dykes

It's my understanding the little guy has had a rough time of it and the prognosis isn't really good. 

Please consider this young man and his parents in your prayers this holiday season.  If I find a place where we can send assistance to the family, I'll pass it on.  (I don't know them and never have even met them) I'm just touched by the specialness of this little angel and wanted you to know about him, too.

Dakota's situation isn't unique, I know.  There are thousands of children around the globe who are going through illnesses that are going to rob them of a life of activities.  I'd wager that most of those children never make it to the medical care providers that Dakota has received.

Yesterday, I heard the story of Nick Vujilcic.  He has no arms and no legs, and told a congregation here in Dallas this past weekend that just one day in his life he'd love to be able to fall down skiing and have the opportunity to break a leg.

But he also said that he keeps a special pair of shoes in his closet at home just in case the day comes about when God will attach feet to him. 

Like I wrote yesterday over the murder of Officer Davis in Pelham, AL last week, I keep being exposed to instances in life where I once thought I had/have it pretty bad, but they don't even compare to what others are dealing with. 

Mr. and Mrs. Dykes, Mrs. Davis, and a host of other nameless people, my heart goes out to you this holiday season.  I wish there was more I could do to help you.  Because of the economy, life's turns and my own personal trials, I have no gift that I can bring you to replace what you are losing or have lost.  All I can do is bang the drum of information so that others might hear and others might find you in this time of need. 

My friends on the Internet, please, hear my drum.