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The Death Of Squeaky Toy

The Death Of Squeaky Toy 1

Word is fast-spreading this Saturday morning that Maycee, our 12-week-old Great Pyrenees puppy, has indeed killed Squeaky Toy 1 by biting it to death and dispersing its synthetic cotton inners across the living room floor.

We are writing to affirm those reports and to provide additional insight. Squeaky Toy 1

This morning, after our 6 a.m potty break, Maycee came back inside and began playing with her favorite squeaky toy.

Before too long, unusual thrashing sounds could be heard from the floor of our abode.

With the addition of light from an iPhone 5 S, it did not take long at all to confirm that the white, stuffy contents of Squeaky Toy’s head were being widely dispersed onto the contrasting brown carpet.

At roughly 6:10 this morning, Squeaky Toy 1 officially was taken out of commission.

Not To Worry Fans Of Maycee

For those of you concerned that young Maycee will not have anything to chew on, besides the occasional swiping of Daddy Claxton’s argil socks in the bedroom, an immediate trip to Walmart produced a new chew rope, (excellent for Tug of War sessions even though it’s TCU purple and white–need to find one that’s orange and blue for Auburn), a red-green-and-yellow three-ring chew toy, and Squeaky Toy 2.

Maycee has confirmed that she likes the Tug of War rope, baiting her owner to grab hold of the other end while she growls and sinks her teeth into the other.  After about 10 minutes of such back and forth, Ms. Maycee is once again fast asleep on the edge of the carpet/wooden linoleum at the door just outside her crate.

It’s going to be a good day.

New toys


  1. Your sister

    I knew Mayze was a dog up to shenanigans, even at an early age.

    • DC-Admin-CD

      You know you love her.



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