Well, honestly, there is nothing funny about a Melinda Dennehy, a 41-year-old woman allegedly sexting nude photos of herself to a 15-year-old boy. 

But this paragraph from the CBS WBZ story caught my attention and made me chuckle.  Okay, maybe it's not funny, but can you imagine?

It's this little paragraph here:

According to police documents, the pictures were sent two months ago.
Investigators say they obtained a copy of one of the photo
s and
co-workers identified Dennehy.

Can you imagine how this might have gone?

Police officer: "Okay, we have this photo here of who we think is the alleged suspect, Ms. Melinda Dennehy. 

"I need one of you to identify her if you don't mind.

"It's a photo of her naked, but we think you can identify her even though we're going to assume none of you have already seen her with her clothes off…."

So then were they women administrators or male administrators? And you can let your imagination go with the rest of it.