These days there seem to be so many business lessons of what not to do when it comes to running the Dallas Cowboys football organization, it’s really a challenge to pick just one.

But an essential point today that is critical for all Website owners is the importance of renewing your domain URL BEFORE its expiration date. 

Case in point came Monday when Cowboys Owner and General Manager Jerry Jones announced he was firing Head Coach Wade Phillips.

No one knows how many people from around the globe attempted to go to yesterday after the mid-day announcement, but the problem appears to be that the domain registration ended on Nov. 2, 2010.  Somewhere between the third of November and yesterday, the renewal process got bogged down and the servers used to host the site essentially turned off.

Site visitors then were treated to a screen filled with a Network Solutions placeholder.

The domain renewal process is rather simple, and most clients typically have their domains automatically renewed so something like this never happens.  (Frankly, the version that the renewal didn’t get to the right servers in time seems incredibly odd.)

But the question remains, can you really afford to run the risk of not keeping your domain current?

The Cowboys organization has had a history of confusion when it comes to dealing with the Internet and URLs.  In 2007, there are accounts about how the team’s attorney tried to buy the domain in an auction and thought he was paying $275 to get it.  When they received a bill for $275,000 they turned it down and let the domain pass.

Yes, budgets are important, but so is having an incredibly unique domain name like But the branding mistake there is another post in and of itself.

The point here is that if you’re in business, you can’t afford for mishaps like this to take place in cyberspace.  At, we specialize in paying attention to the details of your efforts to have a solid social impact.  We couldn’t afford for a mishap like this to happen in our business.  We don’t know how the Cowboys can afford it either.

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