Veronica Galaviz Launches, Establishing Non-Profit

DALLAS: Veronica Galaviz, the Rowlett woman nearly murdered by her estranged husband in April, 2010 will hold the first fund-raiser for her new non-profit organization, Living To Share, Saturday night in Addison. 

Earlier this week, Galaviz announced she has created a Website and non-profit organization to raise awareness about domestic violence and to help other victims.

The Saturday evening event will be held at the Addison Pointe Sports Bar and Grill located at 4578 Belt Line Road at 7 p.m.

“Saturday night’s event is a big step in our efforts to begin to raise awareness about Domestic Violence from the perspective of a survivor,” Galaviz said.  “We have a lot of work ahead with the upcoming session of the Texas Legislature.  Already this week, we’ve heard of some great changes that are going to be proposed in the 2011 session about stalking and obtaining a protective order.”

Galaviz has created, a Website she is using to raise awareness about the dangers of domestic abuse and how even when armed with laws and orders designed to protect men and women worried about domestic violence reoccurring, little happens.

Donations can be sent to Living To Share, PO Box 861885, Plano, TX 75086-1885.

Since announcing her organization Tuesday, Galaviz has received three invitations to speak to local and state organizations in the coming months.  Two of those requests have come from Dallas County law enforcement offices.

“Already this week we’re beginning to see opportunities presenting themselves that will help officers in law enforcement better understand domestic violence from the perspective of a survivor,” Galaviz said.  “After eight months of trying to put my life back together, this is an incredible turn of events.”

About 1:25 a.m. April 21, Galaviz awoke to find her estranged husband in her home and armed with a shotgun.  He told Galaviz that he was going to kill her.  Galaviz says thankfully she had a friend also in the home and began to fend off her husband but he was shot in the hand in the process.  Galaviz and her friend were able to escape the home and call authorities.  When the Rowlett Fire Department arrived at the home at 1:44 a.m., it was engulfed in flames and her husband was found dead inside.

Part of Galaviz’s conflict remains that she repeatedly notified the Rowlett Police Department of her husband’s violations of a protective order she obtained in November 2009 through divorce attorney Julie Lucio.   Each time she confronted the RPD they told her that her husband hadn’t done enough to warrant his arrest so he could be brought before the judge who issued the protective order.

Veronica Galaviz

After surviving an attack in her home on April 21, 2010 by her estranged husband, Veronica Galaviz now seeks to raise awareness about the dangers of domestic violence, increase victims’ rights, implement tougher enforcement of protective orders and sensitivity training for police officers who respond to domestic violence complaints, and offer educational grants to victims allowing them to obtain financial independence and freedom from their abusers.

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