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My middle, Gen Z daughter, the older of the twins by seven whole minutes, says I should refer to Donald J. Claxton’s blog page instead as, “The Tea.”

In the summer of 2021, I realized my social media presence needed an overhaul. As a result, one aspect of the project compelled me to create

I combined my previous sites,, and

You will find posts here from as far back as 2008 when I went by “Daddy Claxton.”

A hat tip to Roy Claxton Acuff, who in the song, Wabash Cannonball, toasts, “Well, here’s to Daddy Claxton. May his name forever stand in the courts throughout our land.”

Before merging the two sites, I exported the blog posts and pages from the other two and attempted to import them here.

Most of the posts came across well. The Claxton Creative site? Not so much.

While doing all the other activities involved here, I’m making progress in getting lost photos, etc. reloaded to the posts. If you need a particular photo, please let me know. DJC

PS: One another of my three daughters says the term “The Tea,” which is personalized in the photo above, informed me this is a malapropism. “The Tea,” doesn’t mean, “Here’s the scoop.” Well, it does, but not in the way I thought. I think. But I’m sticking with it!

Coronavirus Update – St. Patrick’s Day 2020

St. Patrick's Day 2020 -- a day when the coronavirus update from around the world is leaving more people blue than green on such a historic day. Total cases now of confirmed coronavirus has topped 190-thousand worldwide-- up 15,340 overnight to 190,126. The number of...

Coronavirus Update – The Ides of March 2020

The coronavirus data map kept by Johns Hopkins has not updated since 0233 this morning and has been updating around 0600, 0730, and 0930 daily. As of 1116 hours, Central, US time, the site still is reporting information from 0233. With that on the table, I feel "iffy"...

Coronavirus Update-Pi Day

The coronavirus, COVID-19, update for March 14, 2020, unofficially referred to as "Pi Day," since 3, 1, and 4 are the first three significant digits of π, is as follows. Worldwide, we now have reached a total of 149,293 cases, up 11,837 since yesterday. The virus is...

Coronavirus Update March 13, 2020 – I Declare

If one were to give a title name to today, "I Declare Day," seems like it would be the most fitting in coronavirus, COVID-19 American history. The reason that's so fitting is because from President Trump down to several of the nation's governors, to county...

Coronavirus Update March 10, 2020

Because of the coronavirus outbreak in Italy, the country has imposed a nation-wide quarantine with very limited permissions for travel within the country. Indeed, just as recently as Friday (this is Tuesday) there only were 3,858 cases and 148 had perished. The...

Coronavirus Update March 9, 2020

Today I begin what I hope will become a regular series of Coronavirus updates based a much as possible on fact, with observations of whether or not the mainstream media in America and politicians are using the spread of COVID-19 as a politicized weapon. The source I...

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