Don’t Update That Kindle App For iPad!

If you’re like me, most of the time when I see a red update dot on any of my iOS devices and the first thing I do is hit UPDATE ALL.

Suggestions, even from Kindle, are that you don't immediately update their app for iPad or iPhone.

Suggestions, even from Kindle, are that you don’t immediately update their app for iPad or iPhone.

But this morning, thanks to a Google+ communique, I saw a recommendation NOT to.  And then I looked at the update options on my iPad and even Kindle is saying, “There’s a known bug with this version.”

So, I’ve posted a note on Facebook.  One friend says they got bit by the bug.  Another says she downloaded it without issue and everything is fine.

For the moment though, I’d recommend going with Kindle’s recommendation and passing for a change.  Thankfully one can just update the apps they want and there is an alternative to UPDATE ALL.

For what it’s worth, Kindle likely will have a new version up soon and even from written reports, even if you do download the troubled version and your entire Kindle library is wiped out, you can simply go through the process of telling the device who you are again and your library on the cloud will once again find its way to your device.

But word to the wise, before you update anymore apps, it helps to read what’s getting fixed.

I wish this option had been around back in the day when the Light Saber app was first released and before George Lucas got pissed and demanded it be changed…..


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