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Drawing the line on Facebook

I’ve been attacked this morning on Facebook, like the Japanese fleet 75 years ago in an early dawn surprise, by a woman who purports to be a Vet, who had the gall to question the one thing that’s as strong in my heart as my love of Christ–love of our country. This is my wall, and I let people spew their left-way of thinking in my threads all the time. A friend the week before told me she admired how I never get personal back.

But saying I’m not a patriot, that I don’t love America because I support a good man like Rex Tillerson and his willingness to leave his high-paying job at ExxonMobil to serve our country’s interests around the world, well then you’ve gone too far. I am a Christian first. American second. Me third. It’s been that way since Dad joined the Air Force in 1968 and we began moving around the country every few months. It grew stronger when my dad would sit on Alert for a week at a time, ready to leave us behind to be incinerated while he tried to penetrate the USSR and blow them to smithereens if it came to that.

I fight back tears when the National Anthem is played–Every time. I stop at the Mesquite Fire Department and tell them they have the flags backwards on Truck 1 because the US flag is always in the direction where you point when you place your hand over your heart. I am an American patriot in so many other ways. This is my wall. This is MY WALL and while you are entitled to voice your opinion, questioning my love of this country is where you cross the line. Or when you say I’m a bigot because I refuse to defy the teachings that are in the Bible. Or say I’m a racist because “of the company I keep,” then you have gone afoul. I have friends around the world and country because of how I was brought up–serving as a dependent of a B-52 pilot in the USAF.

I say I have a lot of friends, but the honest truth is I have so very few “close friends” because of the USAF. As soon as we grew close, one of us moved. FB has given me back many relationships that were ripped away as a kid.

I lost a middle/high school “friend” this year because of reasons described above–because I didn’t support someone who has committed a crime that would have my own father in federal prison, and I instead supported the alternative.

Albeit, the president elect would not have been my first choice. TBH, no one running I thought measured up. But Mr. Trump has been elected. Never mind all the stuff that Wikileaks dropped exposing collusion between the Democrats and the news media. Never mind the sin that actually transpired. No, we seek to blame someone other than the ones who were robbing the hens of their eggs.

Such is the sick state America and the Internet has fostered.

I will tolerate, what so many of my “Friends” who preach tolerance hypocritically DO NOT DO, but when you say I’m un-American, you have gone too far. And frankly, you can go F yourself very much.


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