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E-Book Nation Infographic on Readership–OnlineUniversities.com Pew Study

One of our colleagues came across this wonderful infographic from OnlineUniversities.com  on statistics of reading traditional printed books or those on a device that glow.

There certainly are some interesting findings here; for good or for bad.

Particularly surprising was the small number of people who are using their mobile devices to read books to children–81 percent still are using traditional books and only 9 percent are using a tablet device.

We hope as a producers of interactive, multi-touch books for the iPad that we can continue to change those numbers.  As clearly, the power of the video, animations and sound effects can make story time even more enriching for child AND parent.

According to this study, reading amounts increase when a person owns a mobile device.  We also were impressed with the numbers associated with reading surrounding research and keeping up with current events–in the 75 percent range, but were amazed the number dropped to 56 percent for reading for “work and education.”  YIKES!

This is great research on the part of OnlineUniversities.com.  And the good thing is these numbers will only continue to improve.
E-book Nation
Brought to you by: OnlineUniversities.com

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