It’s that special time of year.  You know, hustling to stores to find gifts for friends and family, getting kids to play practice, getting kids to the play, running kids to their normal range of activities, some important civic projects are underway, and then there’s work and all of its demands, and then I’m playing Santa 12 nights this year in our front yard so local children can come by and express their wishes for the holiday.  I could think of a dozen other things to add to the list and it all comes down to the simple fact—I need to escape; like to the tropics.
In April of this year I began a journey to get myself into better shape.  That was going keenly until September when I came down with a intestinal ailment that necessitated putting physical workouts on hold.  But I’m better now and thank goodness, for like I said, I need an escape; like to the tropics.
Enter the 6-Week Challenge with EA SPORTS Active’s new “More Workouts,” the souped up version of the product I began using back in April.   And instead of workouts in a pleasant northern park, these new workouts are kicking it and guess where they take me each day to workout.  Answer: to the tropics.
From the second you start up the new product, you know this is going to be more intense.  It just has that feel to it.  Then you pick a workout.  There is a new wide array of exercise options—water skiing is one of my favorites, along with the expanded cardio boxing. The obstacle courses are awesome and really get my heart pumping and lungs burning.  (The turtle hops on the course where you have to hop to a different foot as though you were jumping turtle to turtle in the water are an incredible challenge.  Particularly the part where you land and have to stand there on one foot and keep your balance without falling into the ocean.)
Of course, I get better and better at each exercise the more of them I do.
The step aerobics have been fun, too.  Being a guy, I’ve never set foot in a gym’s aerobics class, so I’ll admit, I was like a lost ball in high grass for the first several minutes of my first circuit.  But then I got my steps together and it was really fun to do.  My daughters did a couple of circuits with me and we all had a great time doing daddy/daughter exercises in the family room.
I’m not pushing the loss of weight this go around.  What I’m more focused on is restoring the right habits in my life that got broken because of my illness in the fall.  Some of my friends who saw my birthday pictures recently on Facebook and on my Web site, have said I look much, much skinnier.  There are days when I don’t feel like it, and I was reminded yesterday that I’m on a journey.  There are going to be hills and valleys and turns in the road we don’t expect.  The important thing is to get back up when life’s challenges get you down and keep on plugging.
I’m grateful that I have the opportunity to use EA SPORTS Active’s More Workouts.  My escapes to the tropics this winter already have been worth each and every visit.  And thankfully, there still are many more to come.