I just did my official first workout with the EA SPORTS Active 2.

With my weight and a right shoulder that never really healed right after a roller blade accident in 2002, I cannot do push ups. 

And at times in an “EASY” full body workout, I thought there were other things I couldn’t do, too.  But alas, I stuck to it and 460 calories and 20-some minutes later, I finished.

There were times I felt like my heart was going to explode, my lunch was going to come up, and the lights were going dark, but I kept going.  My dad said long ago when I was a youth runner, that he’d seen this determination way down deep inside me that when physical challenges like this came my way, out of somewhere I dug down deep and overcame them.

I’ve still got it.

With my asthma, there were times when I felt like I was going to cough up a lung and they were on fire from the burn, but that meant what I was doing was pushing me, pushing me in a way I need to be pushed more often.  My heart rate was up to 160 at some points, but averaged about 125-130 beats per minute.

The running was okay.  The mountain boarding, which I thought was going to be hard like roller blading was in the original version, was actually fun.  For some reason, the lunges have never been hard for me, and the cool down exercises helped slow me down just like they’re supposed to do.

Original vs Active 2

I’ve been involved with EA SPORTS Active for a year and a half now.  Version I was a challenge.  More Workouts was a big improvement.  Active 2 is a whole new product, really.  From the arm bands that monitor heart rate, the leg bands that no longer require the nunchuck, and the vastly improved exercises, Active 2 is a much more robust product than what we were first given to use.  And like you might know, I lost almost 50 pounds using the first version.  If I can stick with Active 2, pounds are going to start falling off me.

If you have a Wii and are looking for a solid exercise program for you, your spouse or the whole family, this is the best thing I have yet to use.

A Note To The Guys

Yeah, it might seem macho to put on airs that a Wii game is only for the girls, but strap the arm band, leg band and a Wiimote in your hand and give it a go.   Oh, and don’t talk too much ahead of time about how wimpy it might seem to be doing this in your living/game room and not at the gym.  I don’t want you having to eat too many words after your butt-kicking workout.