Okay, I missed two days of the plan, but I got up this morning after a night of about 8.5 hours of sleep and knew what needed to be done:  Get Day 2 of the EA SPORTS Active upper body workout in.

According to the program, I was expected to burn 211.3 calories today.  I went well beyond that with 248.9. (And this was on the “easy” setting!)

I’m now feeling better than I did when I awoke.  There’s till time to shave, shower and get to church on time.

Maybe I should listen to Katrina and the Waves on the way to church ‘cos right now I really do feel like I’m walking on sunshine, baby, and it sure does feel good.

Did you work out yet today?  What’s stopping you if you haven’t?  Come on.  You’ll feel a ton better, and maybe a ton lighter, too!