We recorded video of Dr. Mark Van Stone this morning to edit for The Wonders Expedition‘s Website.  He says some amazing things, particularly about his recent appearance on the History Channel’s TV show, Ancient Aliens. We used Skype for the conversation and Ecamm’s Video Recorder to roll tape.  We’re using a MacBook Pro 2007 era, but it still kicks.  Problem is, Ecamm’s video output isn’t working when we pull it into Final Cut Express 4.

Maybe we need to find some actual ancient aliens to figure out how to convert video shot with ecamm into a .mov format that will play for editing in Final Cut Express 4.o because after almost 6 hours now, we’re still not there. We’ve tried QuickTime 7 conversion into .AVI and .mov.  Won’t play. Tried MPEGStreamclip.  Video didn’t convert but the audio did.

We paid $19.99 for Ecamm Video Recorder for Skype.  It has some great features we’d like to use, but it flat isn’t working the way we need it to and it’s taking up a heck of a lot of time.  They recommend on their Website that we also buy Apple Compressor, but since it’s another $50, runs on a 64-bit machine and we’re still running a Mac that’s 32-bit, well, we’re not ready throw more money into the pit.

Right now we’ve pulled the video into iMovie 09 and are exporting it as a .mov.  Hopefully once that finishes, in another two freaking hours, we will be able to load the first 9 minutes and 41 seconds of what we shot into Final Cut Express and begin editing.

We’ll see. If you see an Ancient Alien today though who can help us, please send Giorgio our way.

UPDATE: 4:15 p.m. It’s now saying THREE HOURS to convert 9 minutes of video.

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