A few weeks ago, a friend I worked with a few years ago reached out to me and said, Chris Garcia, this cool clock designer from Richardson, Texas, would be contacting me about an upcoming event at Genius Den in Deep Ellum.

And cool is, indeed, the best word to describe Chris Garcia and his Evolinea Clocks–linear clocks he’s developed, even holding six patents on.

Last Saturday night at Genius Den, 3106 Commerce Street in Dallas, Chris premiered 10 of his linear clocks for the first time in Dallas. The response, as you will see in the video included, is also pretty cool.

I set up my camera and pointed it at a clock near the entrance of Genius Den. Throughout the three-hour event, as you will see, the clock was the center of attention. People took selfies in front of it, posed in front of it, studied it as art, discussed its uniqueness with friends and with Chris. Many learned how to tell time in linear fashion.

For a period of time to come, Chris’ clocks will remain on display at Genius Den. Watch the video to see how cool they are, then take a trip into Deep Ellum–Angry Dog or Pecan Lodge seem like logical eating destinations while you’re there–and check Chris’ clocks out for yourself.