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Watch Out For Facebookmail.com Spam

Seen this FacebookMail Spam offer? Beware

Watch Out For facebookmail.com Spam


Spammers deserve torture of the most vengeful kind.

If there is one group of people who deserve a bullet to the head, it is them.

This morning I received a nice notice letting me know about a cool sticker I can get for my business. I need to order it by today, the message read. But it’s free.

em.facebookmail.com is NOT a Facebook URL

The email is from em.facebookmail.com.  Trying to go to Facebookmail.com gets me nowhere. I’m not going to follow the links in this spammy email.

But before you go thinking you’re going to get something special from Facebook, I think you should think again….

Seen this FacebookMail Spam offer? Beware

Seen this FacebookMail Spam offer? Beware

Check out the graphics though.  It looks like a sweet deal, and like most things too good to be true on the Internet, this appears to be as well…..



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