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Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg Post Wasn’t Meant To Be News….

Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg post about not being on the San Francisco plane that crashed wasn’t meant to be news.

In all this, that’s really the news here.

But the media made it news because of her celebrity and in turn made her an unintended target for those thinking she was doing something uncouth.

Mashable's story on Sheryl Sandberg

Wall Updates In Emergencies

How many times has something nearly happened to you and you made a post on your Wall on Facebook that said, “Whew, that was close? I almost got _______”

The same thing apparently happened today when Facebook’s COO Sheryl Sandberg posted on her FB wall that she and her family were supposedly previously booked to be on the plane that has crashed in San Francisco.

But when she posted it, a media outlet, and now even Mashable, have picked up on the fact and it’s raised a huge stink in social media this afternoon.

Twitter has been ripe with people attacking her and mocking her for being so uncaring. “And” and “Why is this news” seem to be filling up the spaces on social media.

But indeed, what she did wasn’t much unlike what you or I would have done had we almost been in an accident headed to the grocery and some moron ran a red light and almost collided with us and hit another car instead. From all accounts, it wasn’t as if Ms. Sandberg had said, “glad I wasn’t in the car that got creamed” she was merely making a post, knowing there likely were friends and family who check her page and said, “we weren’t on the plane, we’re all safe.”

Ever have an aunt or uncle send you a text, call or post something on Facebook during a tornado outbreak or huge snow storm or hurricane?

Question: “Donny, are you guys okay?”

Reply: “Yes, the storm was 20 miles away on the other side of DFW….”

Same thing here. There are some Facebook and Twitter users mad at what’s happened with Ms. Sandberg. Next, PLEASE.

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