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Upset about food choices

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I’m having a hard time with food.

I’ve pretty much reached the point where little tastes good to me anymore.  Former comfort food?  Ugh.  All I see in them is carbs, carbs and more carbs.

Breakfasts?  Grease.  Cholesterol.  More grease.  Don’t have time to cook.  Have been gone a month and haven’t been able to cook.  And yet if I don’t get some protein in me, or have even a drop or two of sweet in my tea, I’ve got the shakes by mid morning and it negatively affects me the rest of the day. So I have to eat breakfast.  But if I don’t get that protein in me I’m sunk for the day, and I can’t stand the smell of peanut butter before 11 a.m.

And I know I need to cut down on eggs, but that’s in almost any breakfast out there!

Lunch–usually a time for me to take a break from the work I’m engaged in and have something good to reward myself.  Takes too long to go hunt down.  Takes longer than I want to cook it.  And again, anything I would go out to get is not good for me and expensive.

Dinner time–Again, don’t really want to invest the time to cook something. Too much is going on.  Don’t have the money to go out and eat for every meal and prices for home cooked foods and restaurant food is skyrocketing.  And I really don’t want wings, or burgers, or other fast foods.

And when I do go ahead and eat these types of things, I feel miserable.  I’ve tried to start walking again the past few days I’ve been home, but I’m overwhelmed with work and stress–all of which is making me hungry.

Any ideas?  I don’t like and probably never will like fish.  Can’t eat that much red meat so steak, hamburger is out.  Chicken is okay, but can’t eat it for every meal.  Pork, well, that’s not great for me either.  That doesn’t leave many opportunities.

Going to a salad bar like Jason’s Deli isn’t in the budget. And it’s too tempting to get more than I should.   If I go to Subway, I feel like I smell like a Subway store the rest of the day.

I’m in an awful state.

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  1. Cindy

    What about getting fresh sliced turkey at the store deli for morning protein?


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