Okay, Falling Skies on TNT has begun.  And here are a few thoughts about the first two episodes and a recommendation that the #hashtag for the show needs to be rethought.  #FSIncentivized is a pain to type.

The Beginning

Curious about how another “The aliens have landed and are taking over the earth and we must unite and kill them,” show is going to go.

Boston apparently just got taken over.


Through a very cool swag promotion with @KloutPerks, I and others around the Twitterverse have been recruited to talk about the show on the Internet via Twitter.

Tonight’s first two episodes were promising, though the first hour certainly left me wondering if I wanted to watch the second.

@2ndMass and the #FSIncentivized Hashtag

To be a part of the excitement, I recommend you follow @2ndMass on Twitter and begin following the #FSIncentivized hashtag, though personally, I think they should have worked on finding a shorter, more easy to type one than #FSIncentivized.  I know I’ve typed it wrong a couple of times tonight.

All in all, the second hour rescued the first.  Without the interplay of the second hour, and if they had only just run the first episode tonight, I think they would have lost a lot of the audience.  Hour two far outperformed the first one.






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