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TNT Falling Skies ‘Survival Kit’ How Movie/TV Show Promotion Should Be Done

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We now are part of a great publicity project on behalf of TNT and their upcoming show, Falling Skies. Details about the show are on the TNT Website.  What we’re more excited about on the end of our business is the way they’ve teamed up with KloutPerks on Twitter to bring these special “survival kits” to potential viewers, and prime Twitter influencers around the nation.  If the swag is any indication, this could be a pretty cool show, and really is setting the stage for how other shows and movie promotions should be conducted in the future.

They’re Here

They’re here.  I’m talking about the promo items I just received from @2ndmass on Twitter via @KloutPerks.

In my top-secret box of materials, a map of Boston, a cool and roomy cap, a cool compass, a canteen and a cool Army-ish looking bag.

The name of this game is helping promote the new TV series Falling Skies that begins Sunday night, June 19, 2011, at 9 Eastern/8 Central on TNT.  According to a note included in the top-secret box, delivered no less at 3:15 p.m. on a Saturday via FedEx, is that progress of posts and promotions will be available on the  Falling Skies Leader Board.  The top influencer at the end of this challenge will received a walk-on role on an episode of the show.Falling Skies2

Spread the word, stay strong and good luck.

The promotion materials are cool and make the experience to come seem fun and intriguing.  Living in Dallas, I’m trying to figure out how a compass and a map of Boston are going to help me engage in the activities, but surely there’s a way.

I will be participating in this venture as @DaddyClaxton, but the professional, business side of things will be monitored here on this site and via @ClaxtonCreative.

Come back, and don’t forget to watch the two-hour season premiere tomorrow night.

Here’s the trailer promoting the show:

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