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Paragraphs Not Presenting with TemplateMonster.com 33789

UPDATE:  June 11, 2011: Finally received word back from TemplateMonster.com as to why the Visual editor wasn’t working.  Problem is, they’re blaming it on WordPress, and not taking responsibility for it being wrong in their coding.  We’re relatively cool with this template, but the installation has been cumbersome, their customer chat support has not been much help, and there are no directions for how to work through the respective nuances of their templates. (Jump to the Bottom to see their inquiry response–24 hours after we found the problem).

Well, after a day of head scratching we think we’ve fixed the problem in our transition to the new site them.

Before, when we did a carriage return in the Visual Editor function and saved the post/page, it ran all the sentences together and didn’t follow through with recognizing paragraphs.

Well, we went into the theme’s “Functions.php” file and removed the following code:

//Stop WordPress from automatically inserting paragraph tags
remove_filter(‘the_content’, ‘wpautop’);
//remove_filter(‘the_content’, ‘wptexturize’);

And now a year’s worth of posts and pages are displaying correctly once again.

Oh, and we were reminded of a function of the past: Carriage Return.   Now that’s showing our age isn’t it?

TemplateMonster.com reply as to why the Visual editor wasn’t working. See section above to read why it wasn’t working and how it has nothing to do with their reply.

Dear Donald,

Thank you for reaching the Technical Department of Template-Help.com!

We should inform you that the WYSIWYG editor which you are using for editing your template in Visual mode is not the template feature, it is the engine feature. In case you have issues using WYSIWYG editor we recommend you to use the HTML editor. Otherwise you can contact http://wordpress.org to get the information about your issue.

We close tickets to avoid ticket system overflow. Feel free to reply to this ticket to reopen it if you need our further assistance.

Best regards,
Technical Support Team

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