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GetClicky.com, The Best Web Analytics Tool Yet

In my humble opinion, GetClicky.com, offers the Best Web Analytics tool yet for website management.  Where has this tool been?

For the longest time I’ve been using Statpress.  On a couple client sites, it doesn’t even work.

Then when you compare it to the day-delayed Google Analytics, the numbers don’t even come close to matching.

I’ve only been using GetClicky.com for about 24 hours and already I can see a huge difference in the amount of information I’m able to gleen.

The site, which offers a service of monitoring up to 10 sites per month for $9.99, gives me real-time information about who has been to this site, what cities they even live in.  I can see what keywords got them here, how long they stayed, and so much more.

Even better, I can assign a log-in for a client so they can see information about their site, too, without me having to give them my passwords, etc.  And I can set it to where they can do a read-only or have administrative controls.

It’s still early in the process, but web analytics have long been a pain in my side. Clients want to know how well their site is doing.  You can show them Statpress figures and they look great.  Then you can look at Google’s information a day later and things don’t look so good. The important thing is being able to present an accurate picture, and be able to look at tips for improving a site.


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