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Go See War Room Movie

Go See War Room Movie

Friday I read some of the professional critics’ review of the latest Kendrick Brother’s movie, War RoomWar Room Prayer Closet

They didn’t like it. They said it was too contrived, wouldn’t reach non-believers and wouldn’t do much for the home Jesus crowd either.

I almost listened to them. I’m glad I didn’t.

Plot Structure

Technically speaking, there are elements of the film that probably could have been written better, maybe acted better, but War Room isn’t meant to be immaculate. It’s a story about the broken lives of broken men, broken women and broken families.

It’s a story about all of us.

One of the critics I read said the movie wouldn’t do well for non-believers and it wasn’t going to fire up believers.

I don’t agree. That’d be like saying churches around the world shouldn’t do Nativity scenes at Christmas because they aren’t going to convert anyone.

What I Liked About War Room

The elderly lady in the film, though some of what she says might seem over the top, it isn’t. She’s speaking with power, emotion and truth and if it bothers you, then maybe you need to go back and hear what she has to say again. I would suspect if you tuned her out, you need to spend some time on your knees before you see the film again so that your heart will soften enough so you can hear what’s being said. And even if you heard her, my guess is you will be even closer to the spirit if you go see it again.

The married couple in the film struggling and fighting to be saved from ruin is admirable. I thought it was great that the Kendrick’s chose to make the leads in the movie all African American. As racially divided as America has become, whites going to see the movie needed to see African Americans struggling with some of the same problems so they could get a lightning bolt to the brain revelation when they adopt the characters in the movie and begin to see the characters as themselves.

Only a hard-hearted person is going to walk in and then walk out of this movie and not have an understanding that their life is portrayed in one way or the other in this film. It’s that simple. The only thing that can keep a person from seeing that is a hard heart, selfishness or foolish pride.

War Room

We all need to step up our prayer life. All of us. I have no problem saying that I do. Even people who can pray well and pray for hours can always become better, closer to God.

This movie will inspire you to take the first step toward refocusing your life on Christ. It’s a message we all need to see, hear and experience no matter where we are in our walk with the Lord.

Go see the film. Maybe you should go see it alone the first time, then take your spouse, girlfriend, son or daughter the second time. Maybe you should let them see it alone, too, then you both go.

Afterward, I encourage a healthy conversation about how you want to step up your prayer life and change your relationship with your Lord. Trust me, you’ll be glad you do.

Don’t listen to the New York and LA critics who are saying don’t go see this film. They’re not the only ones who will be glad you skip this film if you do. The other one is roaming this world like a lion and is doing all he can to tear your life apart. Here’s your chance to take it back…..


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