An untold number of cell phone owners across the nation on Monday night received a text message from the Obama organization and their text address 622-62.

The message in Texas was received at 8:27 pm and was as simple as this:

“If you don’t know where to vote, text us back your address, and we’ll send you your polling location.”

Though when replying with an address in Balch Springs, Texas, it didn’t work, the concept is brilliant and takes one-to-one Get Out The Vote operations to a whole new level. One further wonders, with almost little doubt, they also captured the reply addresses and now have them in a database somewhere now tied to address, cell phone number, and likely voting record.

Here are the text messages as they were received:

The question now is how can you take this kind of interactivity and apply it to your own business model and strategies?

We’re here to help you work through that question.

UPDATE, 4:50 pm:  Here’s the latest text from them.