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My night after The Grammy’s observations

I just got to watch  last night’s Grammy’s, and did it largely on fast forward.  But here are my thoughts:

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1) Katie Perry now is a Smurf. That also, at long last, explains her voice.

2) My eldest says no one likes Adele. Not sure that’s accurate, but I think I get where she’s coming from. She does, however, remind me of Moma Cass.

3) Lady Gaga is just weird. The novelty has worn off, honey.

4) The two girls texting during the standing O for Glenn Campbell, one said she was tweeting about how great he did. Glenn Campbell on a farewell tour just makes me sad.  He’s had his demons to deal with but Alzheimer’s we need to find a cure for.

5) Tony Bennett and that girl from OK, Underwood, great song.

6) There’s a lot more to Lady Antebellum than there was last year.

7) I missed seeing Justin Beiber sitting on the edge of his seat actually thinking he might win an award and then the surprise look on his face when Gaga did.   She replaced him this year in that category.

8) Sir Paul singing with Glenn Campbell from the audience was cool. How great an honor would that be to have Paul McCartney in the stands singing with you as you sing from the stage?

9) Disney thinks lawsuit over the Foo Fighter lighted Mickey Mouse-head thing. What the hell was that?

10) The End by Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen, et al was the coolest ending of any show that ever will be televised ever.  And it’s cool Paul has a wife this time around who knows lyrics.  Who knows anything, actually.  Well done, sir.

–I was waiting for Paul to sing Her Majesty as the Grammy credits rolled… Oh well.

Until the last 10 minutes, this show was not near what it was last year.  But that last bit with Paul, well, was there a show last year?

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